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Nowdays, the asbestos is becoming in a big problem from the future. We use it along of the years because is very cheap and useful (you can use it to protect for the cold, fire, warn…), so in the last century the asbestos has in every country. A few of them choose to regulate with the law his use or his export, but the reality is if you go at America or poor countries you can buy it.

So, here we have the second problem. If i buy it, how i can protecht my heatlh for it? How i can avoid get cancer? That question is hard to answer… The asbestos is dangeorus only when is descomposing, so if you use the amianto just for a few years, it isnt maybe a problem, the problem come when you have it more than 10 years.

The idea of this pages is try to join every asbestos guide in one place, if you are looking for information about asbestos.